At InfoPage, we take great pride in the fact that our documentation is helping people around the world get to grips with new products quickly, efficiently, and safely. Our documentation provides the all important link between manufacturer's idea and customer's satisfaction.

By providing new ways to distribute documents electronically, information-rich CDs, PDFs, and the World Wide Web are changing the way people engage with information. We are already using these technologies to complement existing formats. But whatever the distribution medium, one requirement remains the same—the need for high-quality content. Without it, a user guide is not fit for purpose and will merely frustrate users. Our vast experience of paper-based communication has put us in a strong position to utilize these technologies and leverage our content creation and information publishing know-how and experience.

As technology advances into the 21st century, the need for high-quality documentation grows even stronger, and I firmly believe that InfoPage is ready to take on that challenge. Why not let us help you take your company's products into the global marketplace of the 21st Century?